Restoil vapor (VOC) measurement

Restoil vapor (VOC) measurement

Restoil vapor (VOC) measuring

Residual oil (VOC) in compressed air poses a direct threat to the quality of products.

In the food industry, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and laboratories, among others, it must be prevented that compressed air contaminated with residual oil vapor (VOC) can come into contact with the product (direct or indirect contamination) or contaminate expensive analysis equipment.

Lately, ever stricter requirements have been imposed on production processes, which means that the need for measuring and monitoring is increasing. Companies take measures by installing filters, dryers, activated carbon filters, etc... However, the desired compressed air quality is rarely actually measured at critical locations.

Prevention and exclusion of unpleasant surprises is the starting point under the motto “To guess is to miss and to measure is to know!”


At site

Ants measures the residual oil vapor (VOC) in the compressed air (and other gases) on site in accordance with the ISO 8573.1 guideline (i.e. directly in the compressed air flow). The measurement data is stored and elaborated in a clear report with tables and graphs.

When the set standard is achieved, the client receives an inspection certificate. This inspection certificate can be submitted during audits if requested.

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