Breathing air analyser

Breathing air analyser

Breathing air analysis EN12021

Contamination of compressed air for breathing air applications is a serious health risk. The quality of compressed air used in breathing apparatus is specified in the European standard EN12021: 2014

The only way to verify that the air supply is suitable for breathing is to test regularly. With the Breathing Air Analyzer System (B.A.A.S.) mobile measuring case, ANTS offers a professional solution in which all relevant values ​​are measured and logged:

- CO, Accuracy 2%
- O₂, accuracy 2%
- CO₂, accuracy 2%
- Pressure dew point / Residual moisture content up to -50◦CTd,
  measurement accuracy ± 2˚C
- Residual oil vapor (VOC), accuracy 5% of reading ± 0.003 mg/m³, range
  0.001…10,000 mg/m³

In addition to purchase, it is also possible to rent the breathing air analyzer, including personnel

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