Compressed air system audit

Compressed air system audit

Compressed air system audit

Practice shows that compressed air is a matter of course for many companies. Too often it is dismissed as “it will be fine”. The consequences of poor quality compressed air are too often underestimated. What about:

  • - Corrosion in the pipeline network as a result of too high a residual moisture 
  • - Reduced life of filters and compressed air cooling and adsorption dryers
    - Damaged end products
  • - Loss of production time due to poor quality compressed air
  • - Energy loss due to leaks – ISO 11011 (2013)
  • - Sky-high energy costs that can easily be prevented
  • - Unnecessary environmental impact

Unique Total Solution

It doesn't have to be broken to get better. Compressed air systems that can be optimized without an actual defect are the rule rather than the exception. Ants offers a unique total solution that guarantees and/or improves the reliability and quality of compressed air systems.

Ants provides direct insight into the quality of your compressed air (system) in a quick and effective manner by looking on location at, among other things:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure loss / Pressure loss in compressed air pipes
  • Pressure dew point and residual moisture content
  • Compressed air condensate
  • Air mains
  • Compressed air abuse
  • Filtration

All observations and advice are presented in a detailed report in which the old adage "By measuring to knowing" applies.

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