Mission & vision

Mission & vision

Mission & Vision

Optimal performance

Ants Technology & Consulting BV is a professional, independent partner for companies in the field of 'compressed air management' for all possible industrial processes. Together with the customer, we want to achieve an optimal result within the desired possibilities.

Win-win relationship

We improve reliability and performance, reduce CO₂ emissions and energy waste and structurally lower the costs for our customers.

Engaged employer

Not only do we want to be the best partner for our customers, we also want to be the best employer for our employees. We work on this every day. In addition to excellent primary and secondary employment conditions, we offer our employees a pleasant working environment, where there is room for development and development.


Our ambition is for compressed air to receive structural attention on the energy agenda within European industry. We want to continue to play a leading role in this and actually accelerate and embed these processes.