Ants Filterelements

ANTS compressed air- and vacuum filterelements

To protect compressed air and vacuum networks, expensive production machines and/or to safeguard clean compressed air, efficient and reliable filtration is indispensable. ANTS compressed air and vacuum filter elements provide a safe and efficient solution for removing oil and dirt particles. The filter elements are characterized by the high dirt absorption capacity in combination with a high flow capacity with minimal pressure resistance. Due to the choice of materials and components used, the filter elements have a high thermal and chemical resistance.

The filter bed consists of a number of wound layers of impregnated borosilicate. Each new layer is wrapped over the previous layer, creating a very stable filtration.

The Ants elements are silicone-free.


The ANTS filter elements have been developed to perform "as good, if not better" than the original elements. All materials and parts used come from reputable suppliers. We are so convinced of the quality of our filter elements that we give the guarantee "Not Good, Money Back" for up to 12 months after purchase.

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