Compressed air consulting

Compressed air consulting

Ants Consultancy: Compressed air advice

Our customer survey has shown that Ants is mainly valued for independent compressed air advice in the field of larger compressed air installations.

Our compressed air advice extends from thinking along with the design and construction of a new compressed air installation, to advice on optimizing, making it more energy efficient and maintaining existing compressed air installations.
Our advice stems from years of experience with large and small compressed air installations and is always based on current measurement data about the flow, pressure drop, dew point, consumption and other aspects of the compressed air quality in your system. Accurate and thorough compressed air measurements are always the basis of our reporting and analysis. As a result, Ants can provide you with reliable insight into all the options available in your situation to make your system more sustainable through consistent compressed air management, to make it more energy efficient and to ensure that the system is future-proof with less chance of failure.

Compressor off

We are not concerned with the sale of products, as with the compressor supplier. On the contrary: Ants regularly uses compressed air optimization to ensure that you can switch off a compressor or use a much smaller compressor.

When does our compressed air advice come in handy?

The following entry points are good timing for requesting an Ants compressed air analysis:
- When designing a new production facility with compressed air drive
- When tendering for a new production facility to be built with compressed air drive
- During a planned renovation of your compressed air installation
- For major maintenance of your compressed air installation
- If you want to invest in making your production more energy-efficient in the long term
- At all companies that consume more than 50,000 kW and fall under the energy agreement.
- For all companies that have to cooperate with the CSS reduction targets
- For all companies that have been imposed a reduction obligation or are subject to the CO2 levy.
- If you want to achieve maximum energy savings in the long term within the framework of the SDE++ scheme.

Ants optimizes your complete compressed air system.

This goes much further than repairing a defect or adjusting a compressed air system.
In order to ultimately provide good compressed air advice, important data is monitored in the field of compressed air quality, leaks, pressure, compressed air consumption, dew point and the presence of oil or particles.
With the right independent compressed air advice you can ensure a good condition of your machinery, continuity in your production process and often a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

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