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CEJN Hose and hose reels

Hose kit: Pre-assembled hose and coupling combinations for immediate use

Each kit contains a CEJN polyurethane hose style, Stream-Line couplings, nipples, and swivels that provide reusable, leak-free hose connections. Each kit is ready for immediate use without the need for tools, and customers are ensured of no missing parts. Kit contents are reusable and air tight and won’t need follow-up tightening.

slang infopaginaHose Reel

CEJN high-quality hose reels contain an ample length of CEJN polyurethane hose that is neatly wound into place. The lightweight design of polyurethane hose makes CEJN hose reels easy to maneuver. The smooth outer layer of the hose ensures flawless feeding action without tangles. Polyurethane hose offers a high rate of flow and outstanding resistance to oils, solvents, and other non-aqueous solutions.

A sturdy exterior housing protects the hose and reel mechanism from dirt and other debris that could alter or damage their function. The reels can be ceiling- or wall-mounted with no adjustment required and offer full, 300-degree movement.


The CEJN hose family offers several styles of polyurethane (PUR) hose, including straight braided, straight non-braided, and spiral non-braided, for specific application requirements.

CEJN PUR hose styles are lightweight and extremely flexible and have excellent recoil ability, making them a perfect mate for small and lightweight pneumatic tools. They are abrasion resistant and score high marks in impact strength and tensile and tear strength.
The long service life and outstanding aging qualities of CEJN PUR hose styles make hose replacements uncommon. In fact, CEJN PUR hose remains flexible after extensive use and outlasts conventional PVC hose up to 10 times.

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