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CEJN eSafe couplings: The New Generation


The newly introduced and patented eSafe coupling has been given the best features on the market with safety function as standard. The new ground breaking coupling gives you an efficient, ergonomic and energy saving product – a new CEJN generation of premium coupling for premium performance.

  • Saves money and protects the environment
    We believe strongly in reducing our waste and negative impact on the environment. The energy saving and efficient eSafe coupling’s high flow feature requires less compressed air at a lower pressure drop. Resulting in increased efficiency and reduced production time.
  • Safety function in compliance to safety standards
    eSafe vents the down streaming pressure before disconnection, reducing the noise level and eliminating the risk of operator injury caused by hose-whip.
    eSafe comply with the international standard ISO 4414 and the European standard EN 983. In addition eSafe couplings comply with OSHA 1910.95.
  • High flow and low pressure drop
    The most common causes of energy loss in compressed air systems are leakage and pressure drop. Optimize the effect in your system and you will witness an increased production, experience less energy waste and at the end of the year the cost savings will be obvious. eSafe has the highest flow on the coupling market.
  • Extreme durability
    eSafe is designed to withstand tough handling in rough work environments in order to have a long service life. Tests has proven that eSafe is extremely durable against impacts, vibrations and swiveling.
  • Compact design
  • Easy handling
    eSafe is an ergonomic and one hand push to connect and disconnect coupling. Other safety couplings usally have several steps. With eSafe, just pull the sleeve and the coupling will automatically vent before disconnecting.
  • Countless connection possibilities
    The products are used in a wide range of applications. That is why the eSafe coupling is available with a wide range of connection possibilities to fit each and every customer need.


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